Spring 2021

Musical Theatre Class "Could you Hug A Cactus?"

"Could you Hug A Cactus?"

About the show:

Based on a collection of whimsical poems by Phillip Van Wagoner, Could You Hug A Cactus? is a musical revue that follows a group of kids as they come together to create a show that’s bursting with poems and creativity. One by one, they each share their imaginative creations, until a nervous performer panics and refuses to contribute a poem. Can the cast help them shed self-doubt and ignite a creative spark?

How will rehearsals work?

During our first class, the director will get to know students through icebreakers, games, and songs. The students will be able to read the script/ listen to the songs and indicate their part preferences. Every student will then be assigned a part that includes both singing and dialogue. They will schedule an individual Zoom coaching with the director to work on their parts (these will take place at a time TBD outside of Tuesday full cast rehearsals.) In addition, the weeks of May 10-23 actors will schedule a time to record their individual scenes live with the production team. Note that Covid precautionary measures will be taken at the recording sessions including hand sanitizing and masking when entering the recording space. A streaming party for “opening night” will take place on May 29. Students will be given access to a digital copy of their recorded production. The director for this production will be Michelle Bahr.

What do I need to participate online?

Access to a computer or tablet with a reliable internet connection for Zoom class meetings. Also the ability to print out a hard copy of the script packet used in classes before the first class session.

Dates & Times